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2021.07.01      JRSYS participated in the Taiwan and Indonesia Smart Manufacturing Online Conference held by the TCA to share the applications of the IoT smart manufacturing platform      

2021.06.10      JRSYS is invited by the Luxembourg-Taiwan Association to participate in the 13th Taiwan-Luxembourg Economic Cooperation Conference to conduct technical exchanges on the topic of "Cybersecurity & Fintech"

2021.05.18      The Taipei City Government's "Taipei Pass: Digital Pass for Government Mobile Services", developed with JRSYS Mobile ID technology, won the award in the "CIVIC Engagement" category at the 7th Asia Pacific Smart City Awards by IDC

2021.03.11      JRSYS participated in the "2021 Information Security Industry Exchange Conference" organized by the CISA to discuss the development strategy and deployment of the Taiwan six major strategic industries information security

2021.03.09      Participated in the 20th Asia-Pacific Information Security Forum and Exhibition, launched TRUST as a Service and the audit key indicator solution in the information governance era

2021.02.09      In the thirteenth episode of the application chapter of "Digital Transformation, Taiwan's Best", DIGITIMES invited the chairman of JRSYS to share his thoughts and suggestions on the deployment of IT/OT security for enterprises

2021.01.22      Participated in the "Smart Machinery and Smart Manufacturing Technology Application and Achievement Seminar" located in Taichung City and delivered the presentation of "Smart Machinery and Industrial Control Information Security Solutions"

2021.01.22      JRSYS participated in the 2021 MIT + Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Transformation Workshop-Taichung Field, and delivered the speech of "The Protection of Factory Automation Information Security

2021.01.15      JRSYS participated in the 2021 MIT + Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Digital Transformation Workshop-Kaohsiung Field - and conducted the speech of "The Protection of Factory Automation Information Security solutions"

2021.01.15      Participated in the "Smart Machinery and Smart Manufacturing Technology Application and Achievement Case Sharing" Taipei Seminar,  and delivered the speech of "Smart Machinery and Industrial Control Information Security Solutions"


2020.12.24      Participate in the 2021 MIT+ Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Digital Transformation Workshop Taipei Field - JRSYS delivered the speech of  "Digital Transformation of Smart Manufacturing Information Security

2020.12.11      JRSYS holds a seminar on smart manufacturing industrial control IT/OT security - "Don't wait for industrial control to suffer from hacking-information security deployment you do not to be missed" seminar

2020.12.09      The 8th class in the post-epidemic era-JRSYS Chairman Wu talks about "Smart Manufacturing IT/OT Security Protection - Keep Factory Equipment and Process parameters from Leaking

2020.11.27      JRSYS participated in the Taiwan-Japan-Dutch Matchmaking Association

2020.10.14      DIGITIMES [Digital Transformation is the best in Taiwan] Audio-visual episodic interviews with JRSYS Chairman Wu on the digital transformation of IT/OT security in the manufacturing industry

2020.09.25      Participated in the SECPAAS SEMICON2020 Nangang Exhibition Hall event and gave a live speech on the factory automation information security solutions of JRSYS

2020.09.14      Taipei Pass (formerly Taipei Card 3.0) APP is officially launched

2020.09.08      Lecture on "Smart City 5G Information Security - Taking Taipei Citizen Card as an Example" at the 5G New Horizons Information Security X Field Demonstration X Chip Innovative Application Event organized by the Cybersecurity Technology Institute of Institution for Information Industry

2020.02.01      FuBank Bank introduced the JRSYS privilege access management (PAM) system and won the "Best Cybersecurity Project" of The Asset Triple A Digital Awards


2019.09.29      JRSYS expands its business and moves to a new site on the 4th floor, No. 69, Jilin Road, Taipei City

2019.08.01      FuBon Bank introduction of the JRSYS  PAM system won the annual award "Outstanding IT Transformation" of Global Retail Banking Innovation (Excellent IT Transformation Award)

2019.06.01      FuBon Bank introduction of the JRSYS PAM system won the Global Business Outlook Annual Award "Best Governance and Intellectual Anti-hacking Initiative" (Best Risk Management and Intelligent Anti-hacking Initiative)


2018.11.09      JRSYS announced a complete intelligent machinery information security solution

2018.07.25      Jrsys was selected to participate in the information security exhibition at the Taiwan Pavilion of the RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan

2018.05.04      JRSYS obtained two mobile information security invention patents, which are applied to the information security protection of smart cities, Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles


2017.09.14      The World Information Technology Conference WCIT closed perfectly, and the products of JRSYS were favored by major manufacturers from Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea

2017.09.13      Launched smart manufacturing machine networking (Internet of Things) information security solutions

2017.09.11      Minister Shen of the Ministry of Economic Affairs visited the WCIT Golden Young Awards booth

2017.09.08      Participated in the WCIT Golden Young Award booth at the World Information Technology Conference

2017.08.30      JRSYS successfully built a ``smart IoT security platform''

2017.08.24      Attended the2017 APICTA Awards Taiwan Representative Team Selection Presentation Session

2017.07.03      Golden Young Award 16 products reveal Taiwan's soft power - JRSYS PDFSign won first place in the Golden Young Award cloud service category

2017.07.02      The chairman of JRSYS, James Wu, was awarded the Golden Young Award Cloud Service Champion Medal by the Deputy Minister of Labor

2017.06.26      Participated in the Golden Young Award Theme Pavilion of the Smart IoT Security Platform

2017.06.23     Participated in the Taipei International Software Application Exhibition Information Security Theme Pavilion


2016.12.01      JESYS participated in the OTC Family Investment Expo

2016.11.27      The JRSYS team was officially selected as one of the top 10 teams in the Startup World Cup Taiwan competition

2016.07.20      Participated in Singapore RSA Conference 2016

2016.07.01      JRSYS TOTOSAF USB Security Disk won the Golden Young Award from the Industrial Development Bureau

2016.06.22      JRSYS published PDF signature products on Thales Solution Day of Leo Fook Palace Hotel

2016.05.30      JRSYS participated in the U.S. CyberSecurityTrade Mission to Taiwan and AIT dinner in the US and Taiwan

2016.03.20      TVBS Xiaoying Chinese Academy of Sciences National Defense Tour Interview with JRSYS Chairman James Wu

2016.03.15      JRSYS Chairman James Wu participated in the Xiaoying Chinese Academy of Sciences National Defense Tour

2016.03.09      Participated in the matchmaking and exchange activities between the CISA-Malaysian Multimedia Development Agency and Taiwanese industry players

2016.02.28      JRSYS participated in the RSA 2016 San Francisco Information Security Exhibition

2016.02.19      Obtained invention patents for China's electronic document delivery system, mobile communication device and related decryption device

2016.01.15      New Taipei City Citizen Card 4G project adopts JRSYS security solutions


2013.06.03~7 - Jrsys' parter SUNPROTECTED was interviewed by Nikkeibp the biggest ICT magazine in Japan during the 2013 Computex

2013.06.05 - Participated 2013 Japan-Taiwan software venders Trade meeting organized by CISA

2013.05.31 - Presented the Personal Privacy Protection solution seminar organized by CISA

2013.05.30 - Workshop on Taiwan ICT Development organized by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for those officers of Taiwan National partners from all over the world

2013.04.26 - Announced Mobile Security solutions for iOS and Android in Secutech 2013 ASIA Information Security Trade show

2013.03.27 - Presented jrsys Cloud Secure Single Sign On solution in "Digital New Service with Network Big Future" organized by TWNIC

2013.03.20 - Beijing-Taiwan ICT industry innovation experience semina

2013.01.16 - Publish Mobile Payments and Mobile Information Security Solutions


2012.09.28  - There are 98 best ideas from 26 countries, at the end, only 7 innovative ideas were selected (7 Ideas innovadoras para proveer mayor acceso a servicios financieros en América Latina y el Caribe)to provide greater access to financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean.The "Monedero electrónico para zonas rurales"  from jrsys got award from this worldwide competition
2012.09.25 - Jointly organize the exhibition by China Foreign Trade Association and Museum, including China, the Taiwanese business people in Guatemala and Guatemala Association a total of 50 vendors
2012.06.05 - 2012 Computex in Taipei
2012.05.15 - Invited to attend the seminar of 2012 mobile application in Cloud for Government, Enterprise and School
2012.03.29 - Invited to attend "Sourcing Taiwan 2012"
2012.03.23 - Invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to participate the technical discussion of protection for personal informatio
2012.10.19 - Have a statement with CHESEN ELECTRONICS CORP. that displays the storage in mobile phone and the key of security life

2011.09.01 - To be representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and assigned the ICT lecturer for non-diplomatic government officers
2011.08.16 - Recognized by the Technology department of Ministry of Economic Affairs and awarded by Chih-Kung Lee the CEO of Institute for Information Industry
2011.07.26 - To attend the activity of "Premier praises cross-strait Bridge-building Project"
2011.06.23  - To attend 2011 Taiwan-Finland Communication Industry International Business Matching meeting held by Committee of Communications Industry Development , Ministry of Economic Affairs
2011.05.31 - 2011 Computex in Taipei
2011.05.12 - Invited to participate in the 15th China International Software Expo, and launched the cloud mobile commerce, government solutions
2011.04.07 - Participate  "2011 mobile application service security and electronic identity international conferences"  which was held by the Asia PKI Union, Asia-Pacific Smart Card Alliance and organized by ITRI and III. CEO Wu made a speech regarding mobile device security solutions

2011.04.12 - MOU with mobile software development vendors T3 Tecnologia for Brazilian information security market

2011.03.31 - MOU with the largest in Central and South America and the world's fourth-largest chain of movie city cinepolis.com.mx that will provide mobile phone security solution

2011.03.29 - MOU with the OEBE Greece that executes for the development of the Greece telecommunications, banking and government information security market

2011.03.24 - MOU with SN Associates (SNA) Bangladesh to cooperate for the opportunities of development of mobile security market

2011.03.10 - Jointly with Hong Kong Medical Alliance, Hong Kong PKI Union and Hong Kong Post e-Mice CA to state the electronic medical record information security solutions

2011.02.15 - MOU with ITELION Consulting 21 that executes for the development of the Spain market

2011.01.28 - MOU with NETOP Business System Ltd. Nigeria

2011.01.28 - MOU with Corporaci Oacute;n Perzona Venezuela that executes for the development of the Venezuela market

2011.01.28 - Duly contract with SMS Global Technologies Inc., that executes for the development of the Philippines market

2011.01.15 - MOU with SCI Co. Honduras

2010.12.13 - Duly contract with Access Computech pvt. Ltd India that executes for the development of the Indian market

2010.12.07 - To cooperate with partners to get the bid of the development of authentication and database single sign encryption and decryption and other systems for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2010.12.07 - Formally signed a dealer contract with KACE Kuwait

2010.12.06 - Attending ASOCIO ICT Summit,MOU with 5 of 21 countries

2010.10.08 - The invitation for supervisor from "The Financial Services Technology", a division of the Financial Services of Roundtable
2010.10.13 - The invitation for a ICT speaker from Kuwait government

2010.08.16 - attend the security exhibition of Costa Rica and proceed the POC project of the National Bank

2010.04.20 - Jrsys International Corp. established

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