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RSA Conference 2018

Welcome to RSA Conference 2018 where the world talks security.

RSA Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan is the leading information security event in ASEANwill be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore starting on 25th July till 27th July.

Please visit  Taiwan Pavilon Jrsys booth to see our smart city security solutions.

Company Brief

Jrsys is an awarding winning professional Smart City security solution provider, As the winner of APICTA Award 2013 Security category, Winner of 7 Innovative idea of Financial Service in Latin America, and Winner of Young 2017 BEST Taiwan Cloud Service product, Jrsys has demonstrated its commitment to continuous innovation..

Our solution is widely used in e-Government, Financial, and Enterprise IoT environments. More than 420 Million Foxit PDF users use Jrsys security suites to protect their documents.. Our overseas e-Government product customers include Guatemala, Belize, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent governments.


Product Information
Security solution for Smart Nation:

• TRUST Service platform:
All in one e-Authentication platform includes CA, RA, Jrsys mobile security suites, One Time Password (OTP), Digital Signature Validation, and Bio Authentication platform.


• eID card and eGate:
National PKI/ICAO eID card issuing system: healthcare cards, labor cards, bank cards, foreign resident cards, government official cards and Taipei City Government mobile virtual citizen cards.
eGate system supports fingerprint, facial and Iris authentication and fusion of multi-modal biometrics with flexible designs .

PDFSIGN is a PDF digital Signing Web Service platform that creates paperless certified e-Document. This solution is widely used in publishing e-Government formal e-Documents to their citizens or in issuing legal binding e-Insurance policy and contracts..


• Secure QR code:
Patented One time digital signed QR code is ideal for e-Authentication, original product history tracking, e-ID, e-Certificate, e-Invoice, and Alcohol and tobacco tax label applications.


• IoT Security:
IoT cloud device key management system. Sensor and Gateway e-Authentication and secret communication suites. 


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