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Validation Authority (VA)
Validation Authority (VA) verifies the correctness of identity and information for the establishment of enterprise organizations

Support Government Certificate Authority (GCA), Ministry of the Interior Certification Authority (MOICA), Business Certificate Authority(MOEACA), Organization and Group Certificate Authority(XCA), Department of Health Medical Personnel Certificate Authority(HCA), Financial FXML Certificate, MCA Military Certificate or Self-issue Certificate . Provide a complete cross-platform function library, support Windows, IBM AIX, Solaris, Linux, Unix and other operating systems. It complies with the certificate 
verification items of the "Public Key Certificate Processing Security Checklist" of the GCA Government Certificate Management Center of the Research and Development Assessment Committee of the Executive Yuan. Complying with the "Records Management Information System Verification" specification of the  National Archives Administration, it provides the online sign-off function for electronic official documents. JRSYS provides a fast import and secure PKI integration solution, supports a variety of CA certificates (such as Citizen Digital Certificate), and provides integrated function libraries for various platforms to meet the requirements of various application systems for certificate verification and signature verification.

The Jrsys Mobile Security Validation Service is an industry standards-based, real-time certificate status checking solution that ensures the revoked or invalid credentials cannot be used for secure transactions, smart card login, network access and helps to alleviate deployment and performance concerns associated with certificate revocation lists (CRL). Our scalable Validation Authority supports certificates issued by most of the public Certificate Authority (CA), as well as other third-party private CA, such as Microsoft Windows CA.


Jrsys Mobile Security Validation Service provides high performance, cost-effective scalability to help organizations perform real-time transactions and failover protection so processes may continue without interruption. All of the digital signature logs will be stored in Jrsys VA as the audit logs, Organization can verify these logs anytime if she wants.


  • Distributed certificate validation infrastructure which provides high performance, high availability server for responding to PKI digital certificate validation requests of PKI-enabled application.
  • Secure SSL/TLS communication with VA Server and ability to sign validation responses.
  • Source IP filtering for all application that connect to VA.
  • Automatic periodically downloading and updating multiple Certificate Revocation List (CRL) from CA
  • Supports FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or above Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Support Jrsys PKI Kits component
  • Cost-effective scalability in a wide range of operational environments, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix and AIX, etc
  • Support X509 Certificate chain validation and PKCS#7 Signed Data validation
  • Fully integrated with Jrsys 3A Secure Single Sign On system

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