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One Time Password (One Time Password, OTP) is a security system that isolates external attacks. 

Using an excellent password security verification mechanism is the first line of defense against attacks. The most common method of network intrusion is to steal user account passwords. In general password systems, simple and easy-to-remember passwords are easy to guess, while complex ones are difficult to remember. Various human factors in use lead to unsafe results. Using the dynamic password (OTP) mechanism, the password generated by random numbers generates different passwords each time according to the event, and is only used once; even if the hacker intercepts this one-time password, it will be discarded immediately after it is used, which is the highest security and trustworthy. The security password of the same level cannot be applied to the next login.

Jrsys provides International standard OATH OTP server which can verify  various OTP Tokens

   OTP sent by Server
   SMS AOTP sent by User

Software OTP :
   OTP APP software for Android/iOS smart phone
   QR code OTP for Android/iOS smart phone

Hardware OTP Tokens :
   FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Slim SIM Sticker
   CC EAL 5+ Secure Micro SD/ Mobile Tokens
   Slim e-Ink Display OTP Master Card


Every OTP token with personal secret key for different users who will get a random serial number while using it.

Password is combined by personal secret key and random serial number so the OTP will be different every time for different tokens.

jrsys OTP server can integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and Radius Server for the Secure SSL VPN login, Secure Exchange e-Mail.



Patented QR code OTP


International OATH standard OTP server.

Mobile OTP Slim SIM and Secure Micro SD are certified Tamper proof crypto chip.
Slim SIM works with most of the phones, even the USD$20 low end phones.
Secure Micro SD works with Android smart phone and Pad.
Support Android Token and iOS Token.
OTP server also works OATH software OTP token.
OTP server bundle with HSM (Hardware Security Module) to enhance to security and make sure no insider can clone it.


User Management: Insert, Update, Delete

OTP Synchronization

OTP Verification, Transaction Logs

OATH OCRA (Challenge/Response OTP)

Secure OTP

Secure OCRA Challenge/Response OTP

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