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IoV Security Solution – V2X
The V2X Internet of Vehicles information security solution and the Internet of Vehicles IoV information security platform we have implemented are to make 
 " the automotive products meet the requirements of information security for the production of automotive products from the first time they are manufactured on 
the production line. "

High-tech vehicles not only install sophisticated computers into the car, but electric vehicles (EVs) and Auto Driving Assistant System (ADAS) also require high-level information security protection to reduce risks when driving! JRSYS IoV information security solution proposes :

(1) to meet the needs of international  ISO/SAE 21434; TISAX; ISO27001 and other international IT/OT Cyber security requirements.
(2) All information upload and download use the highest level and real-time encryption and decryption system.  
(3) My car requires my consent to perform related access control. 
(4) Secure firmware update and command execution.


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