"Social attack", one of cyber crime that fraudulently obtains the trust between friends or colleagues in order to get the necessary information becomes the common phishing scam method. Normally, the victim will believe the information from trusting interactive messaging service, e-mail, short message service, etc. from familiar people to follow or react the instructions resulting in financial or business loss.

The jrsys mobile secure e-mail software is based on International S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) a standard for PKI encryption and signing of MIME data. Jrsys Mobile SecureMail using Secure Micro SD which is built in CC EAL5+ secure element provides the first Android hardware security e-Mail system in the world to generate digital signatures to avoid receiving fake messages by social attacking. In addition, it can encrypt the e-mail contents for secret communication between mobile and desktops/notebooks, this mobile PKI solution is capable to decrypt messages and authenticate e-mail in both ways with different e-Mail servers, such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. People couldn’t read the encrypted e-mails or messages without MicroSD security chip and PIN code.



  • Compliance with International S/MIME standard
  • Secure Micro SD built in CC EAL5+ temper proof smart card chip
  • Digital signature is done by the private key of Secure MicroSD card
  • Every secure e-mail is encrypted by different random secret key and store in encrypted format in jrsys e-Mail system
  • Encrypted e-mail can only be decrypted by Secure MicroSD with right PIN code. We will block the Secure MicroSD if user fails the PIN code challenge for 3 times
  • The one who picks up the lost cell phone could not read the encrypted e-mail without PIN code
  • The sender and receiver of encrypted e-mail only can verify and decrypt each other’s e-mail through his own Secure Micro SD. There is no room for hacker to counterfeit the receiver to read the encrypted e-mail
  • S/MIME e-Mail can send or receive between PC outlook and jrsys Android SecureMail.

Jrsys SecureMail solution designed with hardware base CC EAL5+ crypto chip that is built in the Secure Micro SD and functions with e-Mail software in the Android mobile phone environment:


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