Mobile Banking

Mobile OTP: the New Niche for Banking Business


You’re deserved a better authentication solution than token


Looking for a breach-free solution for customers to access banking system ? Are you tired of searching token forgotten somewhere ? The mobile phone with OTP solution are the one you can carry with.


While threats such as cyber attacks and Man-in-the-Middle rising, the financial institutions with heavy volume or high risk transaction reasonably required to provide the commercial customers the tool to prevent the so-called fraudulent ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers.


Cyber attacks at banks could dampen customers' enthusiasm to pay for things online or with their phones. Many banks, including Citigroup in U.S., are trying to develop ecommerce and mobile payments projects in the hopes of generating more revenue from customers. For this circumstance, fraudulent transactions come from legitimate users so transactions need to be validated.



Jrsys offers a comprehensive solution that embedded the security mechanism into mobile phone to address various levels of risk in mobile banking.


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The differentiation between jrsys’s solution and traditional token

A transaction requiring an enhanced security can be combined with OTP generation by jrsys’s solution. A server may respond to the requested OTP its own combinational OTP for the user to confirm in order to achieve the most demanded security requirement. Inside the Bank’s operation center, an HSM, an OTP generator and decryption server can be installed to support the end-to-end encrypted transaction within a breach-free close-loop.

The challenges for the mentioned implementation is to implement an encrypted transaction within a SMS package to be sent, while still meeting the security and performance criteria set by the industry standards, such as RSA 1024/2048 signature, HOTP/OCRA, RSA PKCS and NIST FIPS 140-2 Level3 or above.


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