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Compare to other 1D or 2D bar code payment, jrsys patented Secure PKI QR code contains
Not only an URL But also the transaction data with digital signature which can do the Authentication, Integrity, Confidentiality and Non-repudiation secure transaction.

Most of the bar code payment is not digital signed and user must be online. But ours can be a offline QR code payment. It is very useful when user cannot always online or go abroad.

When users pay by credit card in a shop, they handwriting the signature on the reciept. Using our offline QR code payment is almost the same process.

Now consumer can use jrsys Offline QR code Payment by Out-of-band authentication.
The processes just like you sign a e-Check

1.Consumer select Virtual credit card from the eWallet

2.Enter the amount that he has to pay

3.Input PIN to confirm payment

4.Merchant Scan it

5.Then link to the payment gateway to confirm the transaction

We can also do the Secure QR code Online Payment
When consumers go Online Shopping, they pay credit card by "Card Not Present Transaction" mode. Consumer has to input Card Number + Expiration Date + CVV to complete the transaction but it is very Risky ! Because bad shop can steal your credit data to make some unauthorized fraud transactions.

By using jrsys Secure online QR code payment, we can prevent these fraud.

The processes are
1.User scan the checkout QR code
2.Select virtual credit card
3.Input PIN code to confirm the payment

This is the Dual Channels Two Factors digital signed transaction, so it is very Secure !


jrsys Secure QR code payment is a Secure Tokenization Payment, the benefits are


1.No credit card number store in the eWallet
2.3rd party cannot get consumer’s Credit Card Data
3.All transaction is confirmed by digital signatures

jrsys e-Wallet contains NFC MicroSD Credit Cards, Virtual Credit Cards, Virtual Debit Cards, Loyalty card, Transportation Card, QR Shopping and Location Base Promotion

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