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Jrsys is a professional mobile and internet security service provider, focusing on digital certificate, identification, verification and validation through software and mobile devices.


As a progressing digital security service provider, Jrsys has developed the Mobile/Cloud security solutions that cover Desktop/Mobile electronic signature. Jrsys provide many Mobile Security hardware and software solutions to protect the mobile environment, such as Secure MicroSD, World first iOS/PC Dual PKI Token, Android/PC Dual PKI Token,iOS/Android/PC Bluetooth Reader, our Security SDK can easily work with any software to deal with these tokens. We also provide some secure communication products, such as Secure VOIPSecure SMSSecure e-Mail and Secure PDF.


Our Cloud Security solutions include All in One Secure single sign-on (SSO)dynamic one-time password (OTP) that provide  strong authentication solutions.



History & Awards

Jrsys was founded in April 20, 2010, and signed five contracts with Lithuania, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, and Myanmar in the Asia Pacific ICT Summit 2010.  In 2011, Jrsys launch Secure MicroSD card with encryption chips and developed the world's first Android Security Mobile e-Mail. In 2012, Jrsys was one of the seven that won Latin America Finical Service Award apart from 26 countries 98 financial services creative case around the world. In 2013, Jrsys was the champion of Asia Pacific ICT APICTA Award 2013 in the privacy and security category.



 Jrsys won APICTA 2013 Security Grand Award


 In 2012, Jrsys was one of the seven that won Lartin America Fincinal Service Award apart from 26 countries around the world 98 financial services creative case.



Through Internet and customers’ word of mouth, Jrsys has signed a contract or memorandum of cooperation with nearly 50 countries official or unofficial units or enterprises, and our footprints throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa continents.


 Jrsys, it called the "soft power diplomacy" of Taiwan as information security research and development are the main goals of Taiwan government policy. We are appreciated to international friends who visited to our web site from nearly 127 countries around the world, including: United States, China, Central and South America (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Brazil, Paraguay, ...), the Middle East (Kuwait, United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia, Bahrain ...), West Asia (Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Syria ...), northeast Asia (Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia (India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore ...), Africa (Swaziland, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Gambia, Jordan ...) and Europe (Germany, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine ...) are interesting in our products as well as promotion.



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