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Security SDK
 2014 ITM 100 Best ICT product Award Winner

Most of the people think PKI is hard to understand, deploy and high implementation cost. In order to solve these developing problems, jrsys PKI-Kits provides an easy use PKI-enable API to help application developers do the fast and efficient PKI-enable integration to enhance the information security.


  • Simple, convenient and flexible API for application to be PKI-enabled quickly for both PC Desktop & Mobile
  • Compliant with international standards: RSA PKCS, Microsoft CAPI, Android and IOS environment
  • Support worldwide standard certificates, popular smart cards and Secure Mobile devices
  • Support jrsys Mobile Slim SIM sticker and Secure MicroSD card, Android and IOS Tokens
  • Support diversified programming language: ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, Java, VB, VC, C, C++, Delphi, Lotus, PowerBuilder, CGI, etc
  • Desktop: SDK for any modern browser and Desktop applications
  • Android: SDK for MicroSD, Android Token, Bluetooth Smart Card Reader and PC/SC contact/contactless smart card reader
  • iOS: SDK for iOS Token, Bluetooth Smart Card Reader


Supported HSM and Token

  • HSM: Safenet Luna/Eracom, Thales, nCipher, Utimaco
  • Token: Safenet iKey, G&D, Gemalto, Obterthur
  • Mobile: jrsys Slim SIM, Secure MicroSD card, Android/PC Dual USB Token, iOS/PC Dual Adaptor


SDK API for PC Desktop

jrsys Desktop SDK has seven crypto moduals:
jrsysPKCS11 : Init、GetPresentSlots、OpenSession、Login、Login2、EncodeP7SignedDataByTokenHex、EncodeP7EnvelopedDataByTokenHex、DecodeP7EnvelopedDataByTokenHex、Logout、Finalize、GetSignCertHex、GetEncCertHex
jrsysMSCapi : RSAP7SignChooseKeyHex、RSAP7EncryptChooseKeyHex、RSAP7DecryptHex、CertExport、CertValueExport、GetLastRV
jrsysCertificate : Init、GetCertVersion、GetCertValidTime_NotBefore_Display、GetCertValidTime_NotAfter_Display、GetCertSerialNumberHex、GetCertSubjectString、GetCertIssuerNameString、GetCertSubjectAlternativeName、GetCertIdentityNoL4、GetCertUniqueIdHex、GetCertKeyUsage、Finalize
jrsysCrypto : DigestData、DigestFile
jrsysSmartCard : IsGCACardPresent、ListSmartCardReaderWithStatus、WaitForSmartCardRemove、WaitForSmartCardInsert
jrsysSecureMicroSD : IsjrsysMicroSDPresent、Init、Login、Login2、Logout、Finalize、EncodeP7SignedDataByTokenHex、EncodeP7EnvelopedDataByTokenHex、DecodeP7EnvelopedDataByTokenHex、ExportCertificateHex
jrsysUtils : GetVersionInfo、UnicodeToHexString、HexStringToUnicode、SetCodePage

SDK API for Android/iOS Secure MicroSD


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